• Image of "Night Voices" Volume 1 compilation cassette
  • Image of "Night Voices" Volume 1 compilation cassette

A document of the current wave of goth-punk and post-punk commonly referred to as "Dark Punk", this cassette contains previously released songs from 14 bands from all over the world.

Side A
Air Hunger "Raise the Flag and look to the Skies"
Spectres "Figures in the Sand"
Rule Of Thirds "Pleasure Hive"
Pawns "Death to the Acolytes"
Sierpien "Ты (You)"
Silent Scream "Railroaded"
Blue Cross "Civilized"

Side B
Annex "Silencio"
Eerie "Living Flesh is Burned"
Gast "Futuro"
Crimson Scarlet "June"
Salome's Dance "Spectacle"
Masses "Hidden"
Cemetery "430 Blood City"

Artwork and layout by Jimmy Mercy.

Pro-pressed at NAC, high quality cassette tape.
Southeast Asia/Australian version coming out on Lost in Fog Records, so friends in that part of the world please consider ordering from them.
European version will be available from Inflammable Material Records in the UK.


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