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Salome's Dance demo cassette

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Image of Salome's Dance demo cassette

Deathrock/Gothpunk from Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation. Four tracks: Three moody songs with above average production for a demo recording, and one alternate mix of "Cyhret" with synthesizer atmosphere added by Matthias Schuster. Ex-members of Breathing of Bones and Grotesque Sexuality, this band is well-versed in current deathrock and the classics but is unafraid to experiment rather than just clone the past.

Featuring artwork from Mark Ferelli of Part 1.

Occult Whispers is extremely grateful and privileged to release their demo cassette. Includes 4 panel J-card, professionally manufactured on chrome tape at NAC.

This title is available for wholesale price starting at 5 copies, please get in touch. Also available to trade for new unplayed distro stock.

HEY NON-US CUSTOMERS: Shipping is heinously expensive to ship anywhere outside the US. It costs $7.35 for one cassette to Canada, and $10 to ship one cassette to Europe. If any Euro distros pick up the tape, I'll post it here. Until then, if you want to order from me you're totally welcome, but its not going to be cheap to ship to you.